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I Don't Think I Can File My Taxes by April 15th! What Can I Do?
March 26, 2015
It's almost April 15th and you haven't filed your family child care tax return yet. Don't panic. If you need more time you can file for a six month extension. S...Read more

Last Chance to Have Tom Copeland Review Your 2014 Tax Return!
March 25, 2015
March 31st is the deadline to join The Child Care Business Partnership and have Tom Copeland Review Your 2014 Tax Return! Do you worry if your 2014 tax return w...Read more

How the 2014 Tax Forms Fit Together
March 23, 2015
Here's a review of the key business tax forms you must file and the order you should be filling them out. Form 8829 Expenses for Business Use of Your Home On th...Read more

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